The Ancient Rift Chronicles represents a focus on great storytelling with deep lore, detail and emotion. Experience an open world with lifelike characters with their own aspirations and extensive backgrounds. Romp through the woods, take on a partner, acquire a home, work your way up to owning a town or fiefdom. With great effort comes great rewards in The Ancient Rift Chronicles!

The Ancient Rift Chronicles is a series, it is a world unlike any other where the adventure you make is your own and you control your destiny. Anything can happen. You can be a thief, bandit, assassin, merchant, inquisitor, magic user, knight or soldier. You can fight for the enemy of your enemy. Turn against their armies and help darkness to gain reputation, wealth and power. Or, choose the light and bring down foulness that threatens the land and its people. Or even just wander around the world and enjoy it's beauty, lore and people.

The possibilities are limitless in The Ancient Rift Chronicles.

A massive world to explore filled with magical items, fauna, flora, stories, strange races, people, ancient relics, hidden dungeons and caverns, deep lore and extensive history. Gather treasure, weapons, fine clothes, armor and baubels. Take them with you to trade at better prices in far off cities, wear them or store them in your home. Cursed items!? You can never take them off, unless you find a scroll or spellcaster capable of removing such a curse. Tricksters! Lycanthropy and vampirism.

This is everything you've waited for and dreamed of. A truly open world reality to explore and make our own. An expansive history to explore, new people to meet, places to go and adventures to make.