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Ancient Rift Chronicles: Frequently Asked Questions

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Ancient Rift Chronicles: Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: 05/09/21

  1. Is there an alpha or beta playable prototype yet? No
  2. When will the game be released? TBD
  3. Is this game indie? Yes
  4. Character creation system? Yes
  5. First or third person? Both
  6. Pay to win microtransactions? No. But, we've tossed the idea around of doing a fun-based NFT loot system for players to trade items that are bound when used and level and stat restricted to prevent pay2win scenarios, e.g. you'd still have to work for it. We're still on the fence about it, though.
  7. Multiplayer cooperative? Yes, time and financials permitting.
  8. Why are you listening to player's thoughts? We are interested in feedback! But, will stay true to our vision.
  9. Is it going to be bigger than "very similar game title here"? Heck no.
  10. Can you pick up EVERYTHING? Not sure yet!
  11. If I wear something does it change on my character to reflect that? Yes
  12. Can I loot the NPCs I kill for all their gear? Yes
  13. Steal their horses? Yup
  14. So, horses then? Yes
  15. Can I become a bandit myself? Yes
  16. Do you use cookies on your site? No. If you're using our Youtube, facebook, other social media that isn't in our control and they have their own privacy and cookie statements.
  17. Why did you pay for an ad to ask a series of questions that asked for an email address and questions about what people want in the game? To get leads for newsletter subscriptions (unsubscribe anytime) in the hope they'll become fans after reading our updates. And, to get an idea what people expect from the game. Note: The questionaire is completely optional and the answers are optional, you can leave any blank.
  18. Will you be able to read books in the game, e.g. history, poetry, lore, etc? Yes! Our Unity version had this feature, but we're moving to Unreal so it requires a rewrite. We have a lot of written content, this is actually based on an unreleased novel written by our developer.
  19. Do you have a game design document, core loops, concept art, plans, trello, plans, ideas, source control, storage servers, redundant backups, high availability, a making of digital art book, etc? Yes
  20. Will you have voice overs? Yes. And, we will be respectful and fair to our talent.
  21. Is this work copyright and trademark protected? Yes.
  22. Can I cancel if I subscribe? Yes, if you free subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of each email is an unsubscribe button. Or, you can unsubscribe on the site itself via the account page, or alter the email address it goes to. You can resubscribe again at any time.
  23. Can I get a refund on the subscription if I paid? Yes. This is handled for us by Ghost and Stripe.
  24. Most of the content on the site is free not paid is it worth it to subscribe? At the moment we're trying to create plenty of free content to get the word out there about what we're working on. As time goes on we'll start making some exclusives to give more value to the subscriptions. At the moment if you subscribe, you're really just doing it to show us your support and help fund development. Thank you in advance!
  25. What is Ghost(tm)? It is kind of like a patreon(tm) blog for indies.
  26. How are you pulling all this off? Just barely. It is pretty overwhelming to be honest. One step at a time! Also, Zapier has been helping a lot, it's like having full time staff updating all our social media. Though, we can't seem to integrate it with Instagram.
  27. How did you learn to do any of this? Self taught. Mostly through experimenting with the tools, engines, reading manuals and tutorials. And, having a lot of passion.
  28. Platforms? PC only at the moment. We'll port to more in the future as funds and time become available.
  29. Playable races? Yes
  30. Any play style? Open world
  31. Controller support? Yes
  32. Do you have a discord?

We'll update this FAQ as more questions pop up.

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