Inworld AI multiple character conversations implemented

Inworld AI multiple character conversations implemented
King Ogard and his valued Advisor Adrian Mercia standing near a camp in the dark forest.

It's been a while. I'm implementing dynamic conversational NPCs with Inworld AI in UE5 using Metahumans. I managed to get multiple characters to interact and respond to one another. This makes for more meaningful conversations that feels more natural and breaths new life into the world.

The characters respond to you talking in real-time on voice using voice activation. Your voice is converted into text and then sent to the server and run through GPT. The response also applies emotions and animations to the NPC and follows the personality settings of each individual character with some limited knowledge of the world around them. They then respond using text to speech. They can actually hear each other talking and decide to add their own opinion.

There is a slight delay at the moment that I'm working on reducing, but I thought it more important to just get a tech demo of the concept working and worry about optimization later.

This is my own custom multi-character implementation. Inworld hasn't released any multi-character tools at the moment, they have said they're working on it.

Here is a short clip of what I've managed so far with Inworld, it is really coming along nicely:

This is a really exciting development and I look forward to implementing lots of interesting uses for the technique.