Modding support in development

Modding support in development

Thanks to feedback from our fans we've decided to implement modding support. This is something most games simply don't allow anymore, as they focus on paid DLCs and microtransactions instead.

Here at Shadowfinder Studios we've always loved games that had deep integration with the modding community and allow games to extend far beyond the original developer's intentions. Examples such as; high quality textures, armor types, rideable mounts, quests, non-player characters (NPC), monsters and homes all created by gamers for gamers.

In response to the the unananimous feedback I've received from fans I've decided to announce that we will be including modding support. Our main developers is working on this feature immediately, as it is something you want to integrate into your game early instead of attempting to tack on as an afterthought.

We want mod support in our game to feel AAA, easy to use and stable. This will include a fully featured editor integrated with our game content that allows our players to perform the same kind of modifications we can here at the studio. Distribution will be as simple as dropping zip files into a folder.

We'll also integrate with existing mod databases, delivery sites and mod management tools to give an easier to maintain experience for end users.

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Update 05/05/21 7:33 AM: Putting the modding tool support on hold for now. Encountered a bug in the modding system and waiting for feedback from Epic.