Moving to Unreal Engine


Moving to Unreal Engine

I've started to rewrite the game in Unreal instead of Unity. This is a big undertaking and shift in strategy. Bear with me as a learn a new engine and entirely different way of developing. All of our artwork was made in house so migrating the art content won't be an issue.

Also, Epic granted me access to metahuman alpha! I made my first metahuman in Unreal. I actually modeled him closely after a character I was planning Adrian Mercia, he's an advisor to the king. I'll have to figure out how to clothe him, they just have modern clothes in their metahuman app by default.

One of the biggest undertakings will be migrating a lot of the dialogue over and learning how to perform tasks I was already well familiar with under Unity in Unreal instead. The learning curve will be a bit steep but I'm confident it'll be well worth the time. Unreal provides Quixel content for free, 5% royalty after the first $1mil, faster lighting builds, faster integration, metahumans, along with better visual quality and performance.

Here is an exclusive video of some gameplay and the new combat system with ACF in Unreal. In addition, an exclusive look at the new character.