What is The Ancient Rift Chronicles?

What is The Ancient Rift Chronicles?

What is the ancient rift chronicles?

  • A rich world focused on medieval fantasy adventure, exploring, and deep storytelling in first person perspective.
  • Single Player - With co-op play potentially
  • Persistent world
  • Realistic character behaviors


The story of The Ancient Rift Chronicles is told in an ancient land of wonder. This region lies in the center of the continent thus making it one of the more diverse biomes in the world. It is largely covered by the Plains; grassy hills and flats as far as the eye can see. The Plains contain the main arteries of the roadways where merchants deliver goods and travelers make their way to the cities. Its towns and cities are housed within the Plains as commoners prefer its tame temperature and atmosphere. To the west lies the Forest. Much of the Forest has been destroyed due to an unfortunate war, though some of it still stands. Elf people by the name of “Dwellers” have made their homes within the towering trees of the Forest. Lining the Forest reside in the mountains. The mountains dominate the majority of the western border. The foothills are largely covered by the Forest and the peaks are snow-covered. On the peaks live the Mountaineer tribe. We'll be revealing more details about the inhabitants and world in future posts. With more content on the way! Please subscribe and help us make this game a reality.


The target audience and games you might have played: Ultima, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Witcher 3, Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. Age range: Teen and up. This should be interesting to you if you like story, gameplay, depth, single player experience, immersion, medieval fantasy, first person, third person, melee and ranged combat, spellcasting, dialogue and extensive lore.


We have plans to continue creating sequels that expand into the world depicted in the map above. The first game will take place in a central fiefdom and is located at the center of the world, at odds with their neighbors militarily.


The prototype, game design document, core game loops, concept, 3D, character, level design and musical scores are well underway.


In our game, player choice is what matters. Whoever the player wishes to be, we allow them to play that role. Our game encourages decisions in all aspects of the game world. Our players will be able to decide who they want to be and how they wish their story to be told. They control how the game plays out and ends. If they yearn to be a lowlife thief who steals and hoards their belongings in their home; so be it. They also can choose to be a hero or heroine; the one who saves the world and its inhabitants. The fate of the world they play in will become important to them; the decisions they make will affect them.


Prior to the beginning of the player’s journey, the land was a war-ravaged land. First was the Battle of Autumn. This battle was the greatest war between humans. Tens of thousands of humans lost their lives fighting for the land. King Philip Alrik Connolly the Second wanted to retake the mountains, which lined Urkesh’s eastern border. King Ogard infamously won this battle by holding his position in Hardennfort, though none know exactly how. Some say he had a sort of supernatural fury in his eyes and strength of unbelievable proportions. Years later The War of Shifting Winds occurred. It wreaked havoc in the mountains and the forests.

The Magicae, being the one of the most powerful forces, pillaged and plundered the Dweller’s and Mountaineer’s homes. This caused widespread panic throughout many of the cities. Commoners and Humans began to fear for their lives so much, they were considering moving to the land of Urkesh, which was under the rule of King Connolly. King Connolly encouraged this idea as the towns and cities of Urkesh were in desperate need of an influx in working class humans. King Ogard was enraged by this. The people that were under his rule, were beginning to lose faith in him. Ogard believed this was King Connolly’s plan all along, a form of revenge for losing The Battle of Autumn.

As a result of this belief, King Ogard, in an attempt to be peaceful for once, requested a meeting. Though it wasn’t just any meeting. The most important rulers and commanders were summoned in the halls of historic Hardennfort. General Darrick Rivers Normandy of the Dwellers, Sergeant Aethelwulf Ray Dunkeld of the Mountaineers, Lady Myra Rose Harkness of the Magicae, King Philip Alrik Connolly, and the Head Knight of Ogard’s Fleet.


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